Features and Benefits

Direct Business Benefits:

 Fuel Savings

A minimum of 4% to greater than 9% saving can be achieved depending on application, engine condition and original fuel quality.


Reduced CO2 emissions


Better cold start-up, increased power, reduced smoke and up to 15% less vibration.

Occupational Health & Safety

Reduced particulates and noxious emissions (NOx & CO) creating a healthier working environment

Asset Management

Equipment reliability is enhanced, longer service intervals, longer engine life due to the increased lubrication

Fuel Storage

Biocide, Flocculent and Demulsifier to eliminate Algae growth, ensure water separation and prevent corrosion. Fuel savings due to reduction in ‘dirty’ contaminated fuel being wasted.

Engine Safety Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed for use in all diesel and petrol engines, and is covered by professional and public liability insurance. 

Most OEM’s do not make any positive or negative statements about the use of Fuel Additives. They typically state that they ‘neither approve nor disapprove’ of the use of fuel additives. For example, Cummins Service Bulletin 3379001-07 (Page 8) contains such a remark. The OEM Warranty will not cover any ‘Engine damage, service issues, or performance problems that are directly attributed to the use of these products’. Although unlikely, this is covered by the product warranty of the additive supplier.

Comparative Analysis

Fyrex CI is the only government endorsed commercial diesel fuel additive in the world.

There is no credible, comparative diesel additive product that delivers the benefits, results, performance and cost savings across the broad range that Fyrex CI has been shown to do.

There are many additives that offer one or two ingredients similar to those contained in Fyrex CI. Extensive research by the I.P. owner, industry experts and agents of Fyrex CI have failed to find a product that comes close to matching the certified, test proven and trial verified results delivered by Fyrex CI.

Ability to Supply

Our products are manufactured in Australia to a highly concentrated form. Although demand is rapidly increasing; security of supply is supported by several decentralised production plants currently operating well below capacity. Additional production modules can be established in a short time frame as required.