Fyrex CI - Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment

HFT are the official NZ distributor of the worlds leading premium diesel fuel additive FYREX CI. 
FYREX CI was developed in compliance with the Australian Government Department of Innovation Industry, Science and Research, Industry Research and Development act 1986.

Emission Performance

  • CO2 reduced up to 16%
  • NOx Reduced up to 4%
  • Particulates Reduced up to 78%
  • Black Smoke Reduced up to 25%
  • Engine Noise Reduced up to 15%
  • Fuel Consumption Reduced up to 9%
  • Fuel Efficiency Improved up to 16%

Improved Acceleration

  • Increased injector up to 35%

Fyrex CI Delivers

  • Improved Cetane Rating
  • Maximum Equipment Reliability
  • Significantly reduced fuel water tolerance
  • A biocide to kill and prevent microbial growth
  • Lower engine oil loading, Thickening and Filter Plugging
  • Improved Air Fuel Mixing
  • Improved Engine Start up and Idle
  • Improved Engine Power
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Lower Fuel Consumption