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hybrid fuel tech designed for industry

In conjunction with our partner company 'Fuel & Infrastructure Management Australasia' FIMA. We have been developing fuel treatments for over 15 years. With our technical team and laboratory based in Sydney Australia we have succeeded in delivering better fuel efficiency and performance, whilst reducing the carbon footprint for fuel related industries.

laboratory tested  laboratory tested

Hybrid Fuel Technology is a company specialising in the development of innovative fuel conditioners for industry. Developed with the Australian Government ‘Department Of Innovation and Research’ and the Australian National Association of Testing Authorities, (NATA).

Better Service: 

We have taken our service to another level, identifying problem areas inside the market that pose significant challenges for industry then formulating target specific solutions.

Our commitment to this is evident, by having our diesel (gas oil) technology gazetted under the ‘Health and Safety Act’ for underground mining. Working with the mineral industry to remove harmful diesel emissions translating in a safer work environment for employees.

Another example is with the SECA / Annex VI legislation. We assist the maritime industry to deal with the introduction of low sulphur fuel. Formulating our product to overcome lubricity problems associated with ULSF (0.1%) and reducing particulate matter and associated emissions with shipping.

 Our Commitment: 

Industry around the world understands the importance of maximizing performance, minimizing costs and reducing their carbon footprint. With HFT sharing the same ethos we work in collaboration with our clients to fully understand their needs then engineer a solution that meets legislation requirements whilst providing a proven ROI for our partners.

 Our Responsibility: 

To align ourselves with our partners and take on the responsibility to 

  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Minimise particulate and engine related emissions
  • Cut overall waste associated with bad quality fuel
  • Reduce downtime related to fuel problems 
  • Reduce frequency of parts replacement 
  • Reduce fuel related costs 


It is imperative tangible results are observed and achieved for our customers. Our stringent assessment procedures are worked in parallel with our partners. Taking all operational aspects into consideration from the initial trial development stage, through the assessment process to then  obtaining true and quantifiable pre and post results.

laboratory tested