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hybrid fuel tech designed for industry

Globally we have all but reached a stage where it is a company’s duty and responsibility to minimise / construct measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

Different Government agencies are now making this policy mandatory by enforcing deadlines, introducing new strategies and incentives for industry.

In some cases this can be deemed as an expense to company owners, through the introduction of new machinery, extra labour and compliance reporting.

Through the use of our product and extensive testing regime we have successfully reduced emissions for customers ranging from 15% - 79%. Consequently providing a proven ROI or at the least a cost neutral outcome.

Our Environmental Statement:

We are committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in environmental care through use of our products.

Our aim is to continuously improve our performance by assisting our customers to reduce carbon footprint.


It is imperative tangible results are observed and achieved for our customers. Our stringent assessment procedures are worked in parallel with our partners. Taking all operational aspects into consideration from the initial trial development stage, through the assessment process then to  obtaining true and quantifiable pre and post results.

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