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Real Case Testimonials

"Excellent product. I have used the EcoXP and FyrexCI products - and both work well. Our team travel alot between clients in the upper North Island and every km gained helps. Thank you."

Barry Mitchell
PC Heroes

"Having been somewhat skeptical of additives, I was surprised to see the effect FyrexCI had on my clients launch. They are running twin Volvo?? Which have basically stopped smoking!! I now run FyrexCI in all my work vehicles and fully recommend it to all my clients. Thanks to the guys at HFTNZ for bringing such a good product to my attention"!! Ivica – Waterfront Electrical, Westhavan "
"My husband is always looking for ways to save money so was a bit dubious when he suggested I try a new fuel additive in my car. I have an Audi A4 2.4 which up to now has only ever run on the expensive 95 fuel. After the first tank with 91 fuel plus EcoXP I didn’t notice too much change however by the third tank I am now getting increased mileage, smoother running and my car seems to have had a major service (without the major cost!!) I am now running full time on 91 fuel and would recommend this product. My husband tried the diesel product Fyrex and is has stopped his ute belching smoke all over the washing!! "

Marie from Cambridge

"I was blown away by the immediate effect that EcoXP had on my Holden Captiva…. It seems smoother, quieter and more powerful…. I can’t decide whether I want to use 91 and make it 95 or 95 and make it 98….. either way, I get a great result!” Something like that, anyway!"

Tim from Titarangi

"I run an ag contracting business and have been running FyerxCI in the machinery for the last 12 months. Over this time I have noticed easier starting even through the winter, cleaner running, less smoke and soot on the equipment, and fuel savings of 2 to 3 % I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for better performance and running. "

Chris Reymer Reymer Ag Ltd

"I have a 2000 Mercedes 3.3 diesel campervan and was put onto Fyrex diesel treatment by my local GAS service station. On my first run to Christchurch I saw an increase in kms by 50ks on the first tank and a whopping 100 plus kms on the second tank. Along with this the smoke under load has completely gone, the vehicle runs smoother and is easier to start on the colder mornings. "

Eddie from Southland

"I have been using FyrexCI in my C15 CAT powered curtainsider for the past 6 months and along with cleaner fuel systems and better performance I am also currently obtaining just over 6% in fuel savings! I now run FyrexCI in my digger and tractors and have no doubt they are running better than they ever have! Kevin – Longhaul owner/operator New Plymouth "

Kevin – Longhaul owner/operator New Plymouth

"I am a private contractor carting roading metal was put onto Fyrex by a very friendly and as it turns out knowledgeable rep. I tried the product in my Nissan Safari and my goodness what a change I have seen. No longer does it belch out clouds of black smoke, it is also running smoother, starting easier and the best part is I am now getting an extra 150kms out of a tank of diesel. I have tried a number of these so called wonder products however this is the only one that actually does what it states!! "

Brian, Te Kauwhata – trucking contractor

"I found that by using the product in the diesel camper van tank I was getting between 50 and 75 kms more than with out it on a full tank. In our petrol car it equated to around 50 kms more on a full tank. I like using it, it keeps the engine clean, increases the power of the vehicle, and I would recommend the product to family and friends. Thanks "

Mr & Mrs van der Meys Riverton

"I have a roadside mowing business and am reliant on my machines operating at their peak for long periods. Late 2013 I was introduced to the guys from HFTNZ and their diesel product-FyrexCI and havn’t looked back. My entire fleet is now on FyrexCI and I couldn’t be happier. My mowers are running way smoother, services are cheaper and the reduction in the fuel bill is a pleasant surprise!! Thanks "

Trevor Power, Hamilton – mowing contractor

"I run a CAT powered farm truck that had ongoing issues with hard starting and general sluggishness. Was put onto a new product by a workmate and couldn’t believe the change in my vehicle. It is like I have replaced the motor! I am so impressed with Fyrex that all onsite tanks on the farms are now treated with Fyrex. "

Phil Brown, Owhango Farms

"When starting to ascend the Bombay Hill, my speed dropped from 100 kph to 85 much further up than usual and on changing down resumed 100 much faster. Once on 100 it ‘sat there’ without any further loss of speed”

Jack from Auckland