Premium Fuels
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Innovative Gas and Fuel oil technology.
Protecting the environment for future generations.
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hybrid fuel tech designed for industry

To achieve better results industry needs to be open to change and invite new technology whilst adopting new systems and strategies.

Through understanding the needs of our customers we have specifically engineered technology that counteracts potential pitfalls industry may be subjected to. Our technology is designed to provide the following benefits:

 A premium quality fuel:
An affordable option designed to deliver the best results and fuel on the market.
Reliability for operation:
Better cold start-up, increased power, reduced smoke and less vibration.
Reduced emissions:
Controlling particulates and noxious emissions for a safer work environment while complying with government legislation.
Asset protection:
Equipment reliability is enhanced, longer service intervals, longer engine life due to increased lubrication.
Efficiency and a proven cost saving:
History shows at a minimum a cost neutral saving will be obtained with some clients achieving greater than a 10% saving. This is dependent on application, engine condition and fuel quality.
Better fuel storage:
Biocide, Flocculent and Demulsifier to eliminate algae growth, ensure water separation and prevent corrosion.
Reduced maintenance:
Providing less wear on parts saving on maintenance intervals and parts replacement 
A premium fuel at the pump:
Giving suppliers an affordable option and a point of difference over their competitors.
Organically Engineered
Our products are all made from plant extracts. Proprietary fuel conditioners designed over the years to be less harmful on the environment, safer for logistics purposes, storage and handling. 
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