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Fyrex CI Diesel fuel treatment

Fyrex CI Diesel product images

HFT Fyrex (Diesel – Gas Oil):

Fyrex CI is an 'all in one' technology that has 7 key elements. This setting us apart from the rest:

Cetane Improver - Injector Cleaner - Upper Cylinder Lubricant - Fuel stability additive (rust inhibitor) Surfactant – Biocide – Flocculent

Cetane Improver:
Diesel combustibility is measured by Cetane rating. Fyrex CI has an increased Cetane rating, delivering improved fuel burn-rate efficiency without any adverse side effects to the environment or equipment.

Injected fuels form a spray pattern that plays a significant role in the air-fuel mixing process. The surfactant lowers the surface tension of fuel droplets, creating smaller more atomised spray patterns improving air-fuel mixture and a more efficient combustion.

Cleaning Detergent: To create and maintain optimum performance clean flowing unimpeded fuel lines and injectors are necessary. This is achieved by adding a detergent chemical to dissolve build up in fuel lines and injector nozzles which typically reduce the potential efficiency of fuel combustibility.

Flocculent (Demulsifier):
Water causes numerous problems in diesel and diesel storage:
  • Provides friendly environment for biological attack
  • Corrosion/rust
  • De-rates Cetane: 1% water = 0.5% Cetane reduction
  • Impedes injection
Demulsification is a chemical process that separates the water and fuel, effectively pushing the water to the bottom of the holding vessel. Water is then pumped or drained from the system. Demulsification is by far the most effective mechanism for long-term water management and the immediate efficiency of combustion.

An upper-cylinder lubricant reduces equipment wear rates and improves mechanical tolerance to degradation, counteracting the effect of low and zero sulphur levels in modern diesel fuel.

Oxidation of materials is historically a significant problem within fuel storage and engine systems. Rust causes major problems in high performance components and causes major issues with equipment longevity and reliability. A rust inhibitor counteracts the onset of oxidisation and stabilises existing rusted materials. Oxidation of the fuel itself is also a problem for fuels stored at temperature or over longer periods of time.

Microbial growth thrives in fuel contaminated with water. These organisms consume the fuel, breaking down its hydrocarbon chains and reducing combustibility. The biocide agent kills and prevents growth of these organisms to ensure the fuel maintains its optimal performance level.

Functional specifications:
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Increased fuel power
  • Improved fuel system residual flow
  • Enhanced fuel stability
  • Maximum corrosion resistance
  • Reduced fuel system wear through improved lubrication
  • Improved combustion
  • Improved combustion emissions
  • Improved injector cleanliness
  • Reduced fuel foaming capacity
  • Nil biological growth sustainability
  • Minimised water entrapment
Dose rate 1:2000

Available in 5ltr,10ltr,20ltr,200ltr,1000ltr


hft marine lsfo treatment

HFT Marine product images

HFT Marine (Fuel Oil) technology:

Unlike our competitors HFT Marine is an 'all in one' solution. Designed to get the best performance and results from your fuel oil whilst reducing harmful emissions and black smoke.

An ashless, multifunctional fuel conditioner engineered for Heavy fuel Oil. Providing powerful sludge dispersant, fuel blend stabilization, anti - corrosive, lubricity and biocidal properties.

By achieving smaller fuel particle size and lowering surface tension, combustion efficiency and fuel economy are improved, also resulting in lower particulate emissions.

  • Lower stack temperature
  • Minimises residue formation
  • Inhibits corrosion in fuel system
  • Eliminates tube plugging in boilers
  • Prevents build up of tank bottom sludge
  • Removes old, built-up residue formations
  • Converts sludge already present to burnable fuel
  • Improves combustion efficiency and fuel efficiency
  • Ensures cleaner tanks, lines, strainers, pre-heaters and burners
  • Recovery tank capacity with no interruption of plant operations 
  • Provides more uniform flow of fuel oil to burner for best possible combustion
  • Reduces air pollution by minimizing the discharge of unburned hydrocarbons
  • Keeps equipment clean including nozzles, injectors, valves, pistons and tanks.
Prevents corrosion of metal surfaces when using fuels with high vanadium and sulphur content. 

Dose rate 1: 20,000

Available in 10ltr,20ltr,200ltr,1000ltr


eco xp petrol fuel treatment

HFT Eco Xp (Petrol) technology:

Eco Xp is a petrol octane boost giving you a better result for a fraction of the cost. Used and sold at the forecourt by fuel station owners it can be supplied from the bowser or from the checkout in different sized bottles for a ready to use application.

A premium conditioner that increases power,  cleaner for your engine, reduces emissions and engine wear providing a better, smoother drive.

Dose rate 1: 400

Available in 5ltr,10ltr,20ltr,200ltr



hft xp 3000 octane booster



 HFT Eco Xp 3000:

Eco Xp 3000 is a petrol octane booster designed for high end / bulk users. It is engineered solely to convert standard fuel to a higher octane. Example 91 to 95, 96 to 98 octane. 
Its ease of use enables service station owns to dose directly into the tank upon filling, or at the gantry by your bulk fuel supplier.

Dose rate 1: 2000

Available in 5ltr,10ltr,20ltr,200ltr




fuel dosing technology

hybrid fuel tech designed for industry

hybrid fuel tech designed for industry


vortex inline dosing

an automated dosing unit



HFT Dosing Technology:

ADU - 5ltr and 20ltr

Our innovative Automated Dosing Units (ADU) are  self-contained autonomous systems capable of  administering product simply by the flick of a switch. This technology enables us to supply product within a millilitre of the selected amount.

  • Receives fuel level data from a wide range of fuel tank level senders.
  • Dispenses the correct volume of product into fuel tank(s) over a wide range of climatic temperature conditions.
  • Has a reservoir capacity of either five litres (mini) or twenty litres (maxi)
  • Is self-contained within its mountings with the external connections being to the:
    • power supply of either 12 or 24 volts dc;
    • fuel level sender signal
    • solenoid valve fitted to the fuel tank.
  • Supplied with all components for installation on a vehicle with one fuel tank (internally wired for two fuel tanks), with optional configuration of up to four fuel tanks.

Vortex Inline Dosing

Our patented Vortex Inline Dosing Unit is a breakthrough in dosing technology which simplifies the dosing procedure of bulk fuel supply utilizing the TODO style
inline coupling delivery systems.

 Engineered, designed and manufactured in New Zealand the Vortex Inline Dosing Unit is now available to all users of onsite fuel facilities that are filled using the TODO style applications.